Parking Charlotte Airport : Overview

Parking Charlotte Airport

Parking Charlotte Airport

Parking at Charlotte Douglas International Airport can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be. In this article, we'll outline the various options available to you and give you tips on how to choose the best one for your needs. We'll also cover the basics of parking at Charlotte Airport (parking charlotte airport), so that you're well-prepared before your trip.


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Charlotte Airport Parking overview (Parking Charlotte Airport)

If you're flying into or out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), chances are you'll need to find parking.

The airport offers a variety of parking options, including short-term and long-term lots, as well as on-site and off-site garages.

This guide will outline each option and help you find the best fit for your needs.

1. Short-term lot options: The airport's short-term lots offer convenient, affordable parking near the airport. You can pay by the hour, day or month.

2. Long-term lot options: The airport also has long-term lots available, perfect for those who want to park for a longer period of time. These lots are open 24 hours a day and have more than 10,000 spaces.

3. On site garages: The airport also has two on site garages, which can be accessed from I-85 North or South. These garages have a capacity of 1,500 vehicles each.

4. Off site garages: If you need more space than the on site garages provide, the airport also offers off site garages. These garages can be found at multiple.

Choosing the Best Parking Lot

When you're planning your trip to or from Charlotte Airport, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: the airport's location, how many flights are departing and arriving each day, and the availability of parking.

Remember that the number of flights departing and arriving each day affects how full each lot will be. The busiest days are Friday and Saturday when there are eight flights departing and eight flights.


Spaces available in the parking lot


The above graph mentions the availability of spaces in different parking lots.

The best way to find parking is to use the airport's website or app. You can also try searching for "airport parking" on Google Maps.


Parking Charlotte Airport

Considerations When Choosing a Parking Lot

When choosing a parking lot at Charlotte Airport, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, how close is the parking lot to the terminals? Second, how much does it cost? And finally, is there a shuttle service available?

When considering the distance between the parking lot and the terminals, it's important to consider how many flights are departing and arriving each day. The closer the lot is to the terminals, the more expensive it will be. Additionally, if you plan on utilizing the airport shuttle service, make sure that the lot you choose has a shuttle stop nearby.


Distance from airport to parking lots

The above image shows the distance from airport to the various parking lots.

Tips To Avoid Getting Overcharged

If you're flying into or out of Charlotte Airport, there are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid getting overcharged. First, always check the parking prices before you leave for the airport. You can find the prices online or at the airport itself. Make sure to compare the prices between different parking lots to get the best deal.

Another tip is to always use a credit card when parking at the airport. This way, you'll have a record of your parking and payment information, which will help if there is a problem later on. If you don't have a credit card, try to get someone else in your party to do so so that you can all share the cost of parking.


Comparison chart


This comparison chart will be helpful for decision making. It can contain rate, direction and payment options for various parking options.

Here are some more parking options near charlotte airport

1. 2700 Little Rock Rd Airport Parking

Details about 2700 Little Rock Rd Airport parking's parking rates

Up to a daily maximum of $13 for 24 hours, the parking deck has a $1 fee for every 20 minutes. Long-term parking costs $1 for every 20 minutes, with a daily cap of $10 for every 24-hour period. The daily cost of valet parking is $16.

2.The parking spot

The Parking Spot makes Charlotte Airport parking simple and affordable despite the fact that it may be a difficult and expensive task. When you park with The Parking Spot rather than at the airport, you'll save more money. Additionally, it offers complimentary door-to-door shuttle service to and from the airport, off-site airport parking, and EV charging stations.

3. Hertz Car Rental charlotte airport

At Charlotte Douglas Airport, a Hertz rental car typically costs $78 per day. The rental car agency will request to see your credit card and driver's licence. Additionally, it's usually safer to have the rental confirmation on hand whether you plan to pick up at the counter or at a booth designated for the rental vehicle company's loyalty program.

4. Airport parking

To ensure that your favourite parking choice will be available, reserve your official CLT Airport parking online or via an app. The parking lots at CLT are accessible every day of the year, 24 hours a day. The facilities are regularly patrolled and well-lit. When you reserve parking through the CLT Airport app or website, you can save up to 60%.

Finally, when you park at the airport, be sure you have everything you need. If you're travelling outside of the United States, bring your passport, proof of insurance, and your driver's licence.


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Charlotte-Douglas International Airport has some of the best airport parking options in the Southeast. Whether you're looking for short- or long-term parking, there's a lot to choose from. In this guide, we'll outline all the different types of parking and provide detailed information on each option.

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