The Ultimate Guide to the Best Weather Apps for 2023


Although your phone is a capable sensor for measuring atmospheric conditions, there are times when natural disasters can happen so fast that you need to know the weather forecast in advance. For this reason, we consulted with experts on the best apps that will help you monitor the weather and keep yourself safe.

What is a Weather App?

Weather apps are great for tracking the current weather, navigational purposes, and monitoring your health. Weather apps use personal data to provide various insights on how to improve your outdoor experience. The best weather app provides information on-the-go that you can use at any given time.

Types of Weather Apps

Weather apps are a great way to stay updated on the weather. There are many different types of weather apps. These app categories include weather apps for kids, weather apps for pets, and more. Some apps give specific information about the current temperature, rain or snow falls, and the forecast for that day. Others will allow you to take pictures of the upcoming weather

Benefits of Weather Apps

The best weather apps will help you predict what the weather will be like on the days to come. These apps can give you a range of data, including forecasts on the next day, the week, and even a monthly overview of how high temperatures will be throughout the year. Weather apps might not work for everyone as they require internet connection.

Instead of relying on traditional news broadcasts, there are a number of advantages to using weather apps. In a few touches, it makes information accessible around-the-clock. Numerous weather broadcasting apps have sprouted up in recent years with the invention of smartphones. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store both provide a wide selection of weather apps.

Weather apps benefits

Top 19 Best Weather Apps in 2023

The weather is constantly changing, and sometimes unpredictably. That is why using the best weather apps can be extremely helpful. From forecasting the weather to finding the perfect outfit, these apps are a must-have for those who love to stay on top of their day-to-day activities. Here is the List of 19 Best Weather Apps for 2023:

1. NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime

While most of us use a weather app to check the forecast, some prefer to use a weather radar- which is what Clime provides. This app gives you the freedom to search for local weather and forecasts, as well as watch live radar. The NOAA Weather Radar Live app provides live weather information for the entire U.S. in an easy-to-read format. It's perfect for when you're on the road and need to know what the weather is like where you are, or when you're trying to make a quick decision about whether or not to pack an umbrella. Plus, it has a sleek design coupled with plenty of user-friendly features that make it one of the best apps to use in 2023.

NOAA app  NOAA app  NOAA app


NOAA Weather Radar Live: Clime                

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS 


Rating: 4.5 





2. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is a weather app that looks very similar to the Google weather app. Carrot Weather has a clean interface, easy-to-navigate menu, and doesn't require you to register for an account before you can check the weather. It also features an interactive map of your current location and has different ways to view the forecast including hourly, daily, or 7 day forecasts. Carrot Weather is the most bang for your buck with the app that lets you know when to leave, where to go, and what to wear. The app is easy to use and provides a lot of information in a sleek, modern UI. The app is ad-supported but you can remove ads by subscribing for an annual membership.

Carrot weather  Carrot weather  Carrot weather


CARROT Weather    Website            

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS


Rating: 3.1 





3. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is one of the most trusted weather apps on the market. It features all of your favorite local and worldwide forecasts, along with live forecasts for the current day and upcoming days. The app also includes an "AccuWeather MinuteCast" that provides you with a 7-day forecast in 5-minute intervals. The Weather Channel is one of the most popular weather apps that have been around for many years. This app has a variety of features to help you manage your personal weather station and keep track of the weather. One feature that I liked about this app is that it will show you when the next chance of rain or snow is. The Weather Channel also has a built-in flashlight and can give you detailed information on what the temperature, wind speed, and humidity is at your location.

The weather channel  The weather channel  The weather channel


The Weather Channel    Website       

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS      


Rating: 4.6 





4. Emergency: Alerts

With the weather rapidly changing, it's often hard to keep track. Emergency is a free app to help you prepare for disasters, but it also provides notifications of severe weather in your area. This can be especially helpful during large storms when the power goes out and you need to know if an evacuation order has been issued. There are a lot of weather apps for smart phones that you can use for different purposes. Finding the best apps for your needs can be difficult. That's why we've listed some popular choices below, and also provided a link to a full guide on how to find the best app for what you need.

Emergency: Alerts  Emergency: Alerts


Emergency: Alerts    Website           

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS  


Rating: 3.4 





5. 1Weather

1Weather is the most popular weather app in the world, and it is also the best. It has all of the features that you could possibly need and more. You can view your personalized daily forecast and track weather conditions in real-time. If you do not believe your forecasts, 1Weather lets you compare the accuracy of its predictions to other apps and sources. You can even share your forecasts with friends, family, or other people on Twitter or Facebook using social media sharing tools like Instagram stories and SnapChats.

1Weather  1Weather  1Weather



Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS     


Rating: 4.5 





6. WeatherBug

WeatherBug is a weather app that can be downloaded for free on the iOS and Android. It offers the highest level of accuracy among all the apps on this list. This app is best used for people who want to quickly find out what the current temperature and weather is without having to leave your phone.

WeatherBug  WeatherBug  WeatherBug


Weather Bug    Website          

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS   


Rating: 4.7 





7. IQAir AirVisual Air Quality Forecast

IQAir AirVisual is a mobile app that forecasts the air quality for up to 10 days in advance. This app can help you make decisions about when you need to keep your kids home or take them to school. It also provides information about air quality, weather, and temperature forecast. IQAir AirVisual is an app that helps you understand what to expect from the air quality in your area. It uses data from the National Weather Service to produce a forecast of your local air quality. It also has a map feature that can be used as a backup for when the weather forecast doesn't say much about the day's weather.

IQAir AirVisual  IQAir AirVisual  IQAir AirVisual


IQAir AirVisual | Air Quality             

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS 


Rating: 4.7 





8. Weather on the Way

Weather on the Way is a beautiful weather app that gives you all of the information about the forecast. The app features 5 different in-depth views: satellites, radar, forecast, animations, and current conditions. Weather forecasts are available for the whole week and they include local weather reports as well. This is a great app to use if you want to plan your holiday or work trip. Weather on the Way is a relatively new weather app that can be seen as an improvement to The Weather Channel. This app is geared towards commuter commuters and provides more accurate commuting information like traffic and delays. It also includes a wind monitor, which many other apps lack.

Weather on the Way  Weather on the Way


weather on the way      Website      

Price: Free /

Download iOS      


Rating: 4.7 





9. Today Weather

The world's most accurate local weather forecasts are provided by Today Weather, a stunning and easy-to-use weather app. There are numerous meteorological data sources available on Today Weather, including its own weather data, some of which are only available to premium users. Along with severe weather alerts, the app will also provide alerts for impending rain and snow.

You can learn information about the wind, sun, and moon phases. Although it is free to download and use, the Today Weather app contains adverts. You can purchase a premium subscription to get rid of adverts, access all data sources, and use the weather maps completely.

Today Weather  Today Weather  Today Weather


Today weather    Website        

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS    


Rating: 4.7 





10. MyRadar

MyRadar is a quick and simple weather application that shows animated weather radar around your current location so you can observe the weather quickly. Simply launch the app, and your location appears with animated weather so you can quickly determine if rain is on the way.

In order to provide an accurate, up-to-date weather picture accessible on any mobile device, MyRadar gathers radar data directly from individual radar stations and processes it on its own server farms in real-time.

In addition to live radar, MyRadar offers a growing number of meteorological and environmental data layers that you can overlay on top of a map. The animated winds layer provides an incredibly beautiful visual representation of both surface winds and winds at the jetstream level. This app offers a larger map and no adverts in its premium version.

MyRadar  MyRadar


My Radar   Website             

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS 


Rating: 4.5 





11. My Moon Phase

The finest app for monitoring the lunar calendar is My Moon Phase. The information, which includes the current moon cycle, moonrise and moonset times, as well as extras like when the next full moon will be, is easy to observe because to the sleek, black style of the app. An excellent moon software with quite basic graphics that displays a few moon-related parameters. You can check the weather forecast to see how overcast it will be and determine whether you will have a clear view of the moon. All features are entirely free; there are no in-app purchases.

My Moon Phase  My Moon Phase  My Moon Phase


My Moon Phase Pro              

Price: Android: $1.99 /

Download Android    Download iOS


Rating: 4.9 





12. Google Weather

The Google Weather app is a full-featured weather service that provides data on temperature, wind speed and direction, dawn and sunset times, precipitation, rain, and much more.

The Google Weather app is incredibly user-friendly. Simply launch the Google app, which is typically pre-installed on Android smartphones. You can download it if you don't already have it for any reason. When the Google app is launched, the discover tab should have a little weather-information button in the top-left corner. Just tap on there.

Google Weather   Google Weather   Google Weather


Google Weather               

Price: Free /

Download iOS 


Rating: 3 





13. Overdrop 

An app that provides you with a thorough weather forecast for your present location or any other area you select. The current day's weather is displayed on the main screen, along with other details like the temperature, likelihood of rain, wind speed, and humidity.

Additionally, Overdrop Weather notifies you of important updates so you never miss a thing. predicted throughout the entire day. To see the weather forecast, use our lovely graphs of temperature, wind, and rain.

The app is available for free with some ads and also has a paid pro tier. The pro tier includes a radar in addition to more widgets, themes, and weather sources. Additionally, it eliminates advertisements, which is good.

Overdrop  Overdrop  Overdrop



Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS 


Rating: 4.1 






The app is supposed to give adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts the most precise weather forecast possible, one that includes more information besides just "hot or cold" including wind speed, direction, and gusts, precipitation, pressure, and other factors. The majority of the features are all free. You have access to more features and accurate forecast models with the Windy app Pro.

By simply switching to offline mode, you may still see the forecast on the map and in your favourite locations without an online connection.  The same action as on the spot page. Open the app to automatically download the forecasts before heading to the sea (or somewhere else without connectivity), and then view them offline.    Website           

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS 


Rating: 4.8 





15. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of top weather applications thanks to accolades from the World Meteorological Organization and international recognition. Best for weather warnings, data representation, and also user interface. AccuWeather will assist you in getting ready for the day before you venture outside by providing information on temperatures, such as WinterCast, precipitation, UV index, and allergens.

AccuWeather offers personalised content and compelling video presentations on smart phones, tablets, wired and mobile internet sites, smart TVs, and appliances. AccuWeather offers the most precise and thorough hourly forecasts for every location where people live and work worldwide (more than 2.7 million locations). AccuWeather can be downloaded for free from Google Play. There is a premium version as well.

AccuWeather  AccuWeather  AccuWeather


AccuWeather        Website 

Price: Free /

Download Android   Download iOS 


Rating: 3.9 





16. Flowx 

All weather information will be displayed on one screen via Flowx.   To display the forecast over time, Flowx uses interaction with the map: To navigate through time with a finger swipe, swipe left or right on the map, and up or down for slower temporal shifts.

Weather stations and satellites are used by Flowx to measure weather data. Global weather simulation is handled by Flowx. Weather simulations' raw data are used by Flowx. To enhance the forecasts, statistical post-processing (MOS) should be applied to the simulation findings. Other weather apps typically use data that has been analysed. This gives you the lovely map views of major weather systems and how they develop over time with a little bit of swiping awesomeness.

Flowx  Flowx  Flowx


Flowx  Website          

Price: Free /

Download Android   


Rating: 4.3 





17. Weather Underground

The most precise hyper-local weather forecasts available anywhere in the globe are offered via the Weather Underground app for iPhone and Android devices, together with interactive radar, satellite maps, and severe weather warnings. The Meteorological Underground's WunderMap delivers a variety of interactive and dynamically updated weather and environmental layers over a Mapbox Map base using weather information from both individual weather stations and official National Weather Service stations. Although the software is free, you may purchase a premium version without ads.

Weather Underground  Weather Underground  Weather Underground


Weather Underground    Website          

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS   


Rating: 4.7 





18. Yahoo Weather

The well praised Yahoo Weather app is now accessible on Android, with gorgeous images that reflect the current weather and an entirely new design with a tonne of additional features. Yahoo Weather succeeds in a variety of areas. It handles user-sourced photos more effectively and dependably, and its style is sleek and well-executed. This Yahoo Weather app was free and includes attractive images.

The Yahoo Weather app is incredibly user-friendly. A three-day forecast is displayed along with a 12-hour forecast that can be swiped through hour by hour. You'll also see the forecast for a fourth day in addition to the prediction for the current day.  When you swipe up, you'll see five additional sections: Details, Map, Precipitation, Wind & Pressure, and Sun & Moon. 

Yahoo Weather  Yahoo Weather  Yahoo Weather


Yahoo Weather                 

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS 


Rating: 4.5 





19. FOX Weather

The brand-new FOX Weather app puts America's Weather Team in the palm of your hand. With stunning images and an easy-to-use interface, FOX Weather presents the weather as you've never seen it before. It offers short- and long-range predictions, weather headlines, live video, 3D mobile radar, and more. Fox employs cutting-edge gaming technology with Doppler radar, allowing you to swap between 2D and 3D maps and manoeuvre your way through violent storms. The app is available without charge. Concerning anything requiring a paid subscription, don't worry. You may access our alerts, information, live stream, and tracking tools by downloading the app for free on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

FOX Weather  FOX Weather


Fox    Website           

Price: Free /

Download Android    Download iOS  


Rating: 4 






The app that you decide on for the best weather forecast is up to you. The ones in this article are just some of the top apps out there. They provide a diverse range of information, which means they can offer different things to different people. As more and more people are getting into the habit of using mobile apps to keep up with the weather, manufacturers have realised that people need a new way to do this. This led to a lot of new smart phones coming out in recent years that came with built-in weather apps. These apps often have their own unique features, but one thing is for sure: they're all easier than going outside.

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