About Us


The company creates and delivers the best digital solutions to meet customers’ needs while they are on the move. CZ Smart Mobility is the company that answers your digital needs. Our website and mobile apps provide services that allow consumers to have a complete, optimized experience for maximum efficiency, convenience and optimal protection. We provide high-tech solutions such as AI/ML, AR, Cloud Architecture, SEO and Digital Marketing.

Gowdhaman Success Story shared by Ministry of MSME

As shared by Ministry of MSME, India, Sep 2021


To create digital ecosystem service providers and brands by developing intelligent technology to serve the world. The company has a vision in Smart Mobility. The company develops Website, Mobile apps, and offers solution in High tech works such as AI/ML, AR, Cloud Architecture, SEO and Digital Marketing.

  • ”Achievements”

    Featured as Successful Young Entrepreneur by Ministry of MSME, Govt of India , Sep 2021

    (Success Story shared to large number of students across India to encourage Entrepreneurship via NLAP - National Level Awareness Programme)

  • ”Team and Company”

    ”We are a team of professionals with combined experience of over 40 years in High Tech IT. We have displayed our products at various trade fairs across the globe and have developed innovative products in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality.”